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Financial Warning!

    The seeds have already been planted.  As the US has borrowed and borrowed to the extent that the people who buy our bonds have warned about destroying the value of the dollar.  China and others have bought our bonds for years with the attitude that if they bought our paper they would receive back their money with some percent of return.  The interest on their investment is not as important to them as the certainty of getting back the same amount of value as they invested.  Well, with the US's massive printing of debt the stability of the dollar is becoming increasingly worrisome.  We have been warned by the people that buy our bonds that if we don't stop this massive borrowing they will discontinue buying.  They have already warned.  Keep that in mind.  If the US starts to recover as it would naturally in the economic cycle.  Well to finance our recovering economy, we need to borrow to finance this expansion.  Here's the rub.  China has already warned about borrowing and now our economy needs credit to expand the coming economic recovery, having been warned and we need to sell more bonds but the Chinese have already warned about this and they refuse to buy bonds at the current low interest and may also sell the dollars they have, well you can see our dilemma, we will have to raise our interest rate to entice their participation.  The higher rates will explode the deficit and increase the cost of financing our would be expansion.  Well the higher rates in fact will probably kill our recovery.  So our economic recovery will really be our economic disaster.  I could be wrong.

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George Highfill

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Revised: September 28, 2014