Start with field full of wheat waving in the wind, fade into barren field of blowing dust. (background music; sweet prairie hay).

Picture little boy on horse.

Old photos in frame showing chickens, old house, men and women dressed in period attire.




Pile of silver coins fade to dollar bills burning.

George as a young boy walks around farm barn, in overalls.
 Pan to house across street that looks like a shack. 

Young George and family heading to California.  (back ground music; mama you can't blame me.

George picking crop or working in the field.

 George pulling out a silver dime to buy a loaf of bread and some salt pork at the community store.

 George in overalls comes into shack kitchen in Bakersfield. 

Prayer before supper. 

George and family eating supper.

George and a couple of friends having a drink of moonshine.

Pull out instruments George and friends start to play out on the porch.

George and friends talking.  Hey let's hear the sound over.  That's a hot little tune.