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Main Entry: 1yago
Pronunciation: 'yago
Function: verb
1 : to ask for directions <where do yago>:  to move on a course : PROCEED <yago slow> <yago by train> -- compare to ya stop
2 : to move out of or away from a place expressed or implied : <yago on  vacation>
3 a : to take a certain course or follow a certain procedure < yago to main street and turn right> 
: to pass by means of a process like journeying <yago to the store>  especially to intensify a complementary verb <why did you yago and spoil it> yago jump in a lake> : to extend from point to point or in a certain direction <yago from here to there> 
4 activity :yago for a walk
5 : to be  in a certain state or condition <yago nuts>
6 : to apply oneself <yago to work> 
7 : to have recourse to another for corroboration, vindication, or decision <yago to court to recover damages>
8 a : to begin an action or motion <here yago
9 : to be known <yago by an Sam, don't ya.>
10 a : to act in accordance or harmony < that's the way yago
11 : to be about, intending, or expecting something -- used in a progressive tense before an infinitive <are yagoing to the game>
12 a  : to come or arrive at a certain state or condition <yago to sleep> b : Billy Joel song don't yago changing --  c : often used to express conversion <yago from slow to fast>
13 : to empty the bladder or bowelsyago to the bathroom>
transitive senses
1 : to proceed along or according to : <are yagoing that way>
2 : to travel through or along : <yago around the block>
3 a : to make a wager of <yago a dollar on the outcome> b : to make an offer of <will yago $50 for the clock>
4 a : to assume the function or obligation of <  yago bail for my friend> b : to participate to the extent of < yago halves on the winnings>
5 a : to put up with : TOLERATE <couldn't yago for it> b : AFFORD <can't yago a little lower> c : ENJOY < could yago for a drink>

- yago·er /'yago(-&)r/ noun
- yago about : to set about
- yago after : to try to get : SEEK
- yago all the way  : to enter into complete agreement 2 : to engage in sexual intercourse
- yago at   : to make an attack on :
- yago back on 1 : ABANDON 2 : BETRAY 3 : FAIL
- yago to the bottom of the list : to be in little demand
- yago easy : to be sparing <yago easy with the sugar> <yago easy on the kid>
- yago fly a kite : to stop being an annoyance or disturbance <told him  yago fly a kite>
- yago for  : to try to secure or attain (as a goal) <yago for the prize>
- yago for broke : to put forth all one's strength or resources
- yago great guns : to achieve great success
- yago it : put your name in front of .yago (www.you.yago.com)
- yago over  : EXAMINE 2 a : REPEAT b : STUDY, REVIEW
- yago places : to be on the way to success
- yago public of a close corporation : to offer shares for sale to the general public 
- yago steady : to date one person exclusively and frequently
- yago through  : to subject to thorough examination, consideration, or study (yago to the doctor)
- yago to bat for : to give active support or assistance to : DEFEND, CHAMPION
- yago to bed with : to have sexual intercourse with
- yago to one's head : to cause one to become conceited or overconfident
- yago to pieces : to become shattered (as in nerves or health) (a Patsy Cline song)
- yago to the mat : to make an all-out combative effort (as in support of a position)
- yago to town 1 : to work or act rapidly or efficiently 2 : to be markedly successful 3 : to indulge oneself excessively
- yago with 1 : DATE 2 : CHOOSE 2 <went with an iron off the tee>
- yago with the flow : CONFORM 2

Main Entry: 2yago
Pronunciation: 'yago
Function: noun
Date: 1727
1 : the act or manner of yagoing
2 : the height of fashion : RAGE <elegant shawls labeled ... "quite the yago" -- R. S. Surtees>
: SUCCESS <the business is a yago>
7 : permission to proceed : YAGO-AHEAD < yago for another orbit>

Main Entry: 3yago
Function: adjective
Date: 1961
: functioning properly : being in  good and ready condition <declared all systems yago>

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